Microlight May with Tafika Camp

Microlight May with Tafika Camp

  • April 11, 2019
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May is such a beautiful time of year and an exceptional time to observe the Luangwa from the sky. It’s lovely and cool, crystal clear light makes for amazing photographic opportunities, vegetation is green and lush, lagoons team with birdlife, day sightings of leopard during the day are more common and the yellow-billed stork colony in the Nsefu sector is buzzing with activity.  To encourage more-Mays, Remote Africa are offering a package which includes 4 nights at Tafika Camp with a FREE microlight flight with Luangwa Valley’s legendary guide and Remote Africa Safaris owner and director, John Coppinger. Package is available from 7 – 30 May:

$4650 RACK)
TAFIKA CAMP | 2 guests | 4 nights | 2 FREE 15min microlight flights

$3181 RACK)
TAFIKA CAMP | 1 guest | 4 nights | 1 FREE 15min microlight flight



* Microlight flights are only available to bookings of 4 nights or more (including existing bookings during this time).
* Microlight flights will be done by John Coppinger and are subject to his good health and favourable weather conditions.
* Microlight flights will only be offered during this time and are not available at any other time during the season.
* Guests are required to complete indemnity forms before the flights.