Hide and Seek at The Hide’s Waterhole

Hide and Seek at The Hide’s Waterhole

  • May 24, 2016
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“Hide and seek and you shall find.” That’s the motto if you patiently wait at The Hide’s local water hole where the resident wildlife swing by for cocktails and bath time. But what makes this game viewing opportunity different from most others is your invisibility to the animals. So if you didn’t think your favourite childhood game of hide and seek could be applied to the bush, you may want to think again.

“Hides” are underground safe rooms usually disguised as a termite mound where you’re able to quietly tuck away and observe the animals without being observed in return by them. When you hideaway close enough to a waterhole, you get the rare opportunity to get exceptionally close to wildlife as they flock down for a drink. Its safari genius and a special tradition at The Hide which guests just can’t get enough of!

The secrecy of the experience, the unparalleled photo opportunities, and the underground “architecture” make for a unique African affair. Discretely slip into the tunnel and make way towards the wine cellar to choose your favourite red or white and wait. Wait for the herd of buffalo to come along and mark their territory, or for the ellies to arrive in need of a mud bath, and for the birds to chime in with their choir-like song.

Hide and seek and you shall find is how this safari saying goes. Like the popular neighbourhood bar everyone gathers to at happy hour, the elephants of Hwange seem to have found their local hangout at the hideaway’s water hole. Morning, noon, or night it’s an elephant magnet and the camp’s guests continue to gush over them in complete secrecy from their camouflaged position. Lee, a recent guest from South Africa wrote in his Trip Advisor review, “The underground hide overlooking the waterhole is an absolute treat and unique. We had many wonderful elephant sightings only meters away, with the elephants unaware of our presence!”

Like a magical safari cloak, the hideaway provides a hidden game viewing experience of an enchanting kind.

There’s always the risk you may be late for dinner because of the herds of elephant that surround you, but that’s a risk most are willing to take when playing hide and seek in the heart of Hwange, unbeknownst to Africa’s greyest giants.

For more information visit the Hide http://thehide.com/