Five Reasons to Visit the Magnificent Hwange National Park

Five Reasons to Visit the Magnificent Hwange National Park

  • February 23, 2016
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From the spectacular Victoria Falls to the beautiful Mana Pools, Zimbabwe is a country of many wonders. One of the most underrated yet magnificent travel treats the country has to offer is Hwange National Park. Being Zimbabwe’s largest national park, Hwange provides a spectacular safari experience.

Here are five reasons to visit Hwange National Park

  1. Sunsets

Africa has often been recognized as a continent with remarkable sunsets. Hwange is no different. View the silhouette of an elephant in front of an acacia tree clearly painted against the blood red African sky as the sun slowly makes its way below the horizon.

  1. Abundant wildlife

Hwange National Park has over 100 mammal and 400 bird species within its borders. It is Zimbabwe’s largest national park boasting a diverse landscape that ranges from dense teak forest to open grassy savannah and scarce plains. A game drive in this extensive wildlife playground gives a visitor a thrilling sneak peek into the wildest Africa. From gracious zebras to impressive elephants, there is always something to see in Hwange.

  1. The Big 5

Many safari goers’ dream is to see the ‘Big 5’.  Although spotting each of the five famous mammals is not guaranteed, Hwange is home to the Big 5 and offers a great opportunity for sightings. Seeing an elephant leisurely walking across the grassland or a pride of lions lazing in the shade is a picture worthy occasion.

  1. Close up game viewing

Some of Hwange’s gifts to safari lovers are underground viewing hideaways. Due to the absence of permanent surface water wildlife in the national park relies on waterholes for hydration. Thus, a waterhole is one of the best wildlife viewing locations in the area.  Slide into the Hide Safari Camp’s waterhole hide and observe the Hwange animals up close and personal.  Tucked away in your hiding spot and quietly observing wildlife strolling past takes game viewing to a different level…literally.

  1. African wild dog

Hwange is one of the remaining places to see the now rare African wild dog.  These wild animals, with big, round ears and spotty coats are highly endangered, and seeing them in the wild is simply a privileged occasion.

For more information on the Hide visit their website here.